Meet The Innkeepers

Our story starts when Suzanne and Holly met in a Michigan grade school.  Best friends throughout their school days, they parted ways after graduation to pursue college and careers.  Remaining close through the years, having daughters within a week of each other, who are like cousins, Suzanne and Holly ended up on opposite coasts.   The four planned summertime trips together somewhere in the middle and as the two daughters grew, the mom’s decided they wanted to be together once their girls went off to college.  Suzanne, always having the dream of opening a Bed & Breakfast near the water, decided it would be economically easier to accomplish her dream in North Carolina where Holly lived rather than Oregon where she spent the last 34 years.

Finding life partners in each other in 2010, Jeff and Suzanne soon realized their mutual passion for following their dreams and enjoying life’s adventures. That brought light to a common interest of entertaining and opening a Bed & Breakfast.   Jeff wanted to get back near the water with a favorable climate and Suzanne wanted to entertain, cook and be close to her friend.  With the two daughters approaching college, Suzanne and Jeff decided to look for property in North Carolina during a 2016 visit to see Holly.  There were no Bed and Breakfasts for sale that fit their vision, so they adjusted their focus on a home.  The first home they toured was the perfect fit.  They fell in love with the small town of Southport and the grand residence overlooking the water.  Their offer was accepted, they worked with the city for a conditional use permit to open their Bed & Breakfast, and in doing so, met some of the town’s finest residents and welcoming neighbors.  The dream was becoming reality!

Here is a quick video featuring Suzanne being interviewed:

Entertaining is not a new concept for Suzanne and Jeff.  They have been doing so in their home or on their boat since they met.  Suzanne, a retired Realtor of over 23 years and a landlord over 15 years, is a natural at entertaining and has always had a passion for cooking.   She even published a cookbook; Bountiful Blessings.  She believes that lifelong friendships begin around the dinner table.  In her free time, she opened a restaurant and grocery store in the Portland, Oregon community for the underprivileged taking her Meal’s Ministry to a new level.

Jeff brings his “fix it” persona with his 40 year career in the Industrial Construction and Manufacturing field.  A Navy veteran from the South, he strives for perfection and can make anyone feel right at home with his welcoming “southern hospitality” charm.   If he’s not at the table right along with our guests, you’ll find Jeff in the yard, tinkering in the garage, giving tours of this lovely town, or out on our boat.

You may not see her every day, but Holly is pivotal to LaPolena’s success.  She graduated with her Masters in Social Work and has been helping people make positive changes in their lives for 25 years.  She is the party planner/organizer and our natural social butterfly who promotes LaPolena everywhere she goes.  Don’t hesitate to ask her to help you plan your stay.  She has years of experience in planning vacations.  Holly enjoys volunteering at the local animal shelter, machine embroidering, reading, sewing, (she made the valances throughout LaPolena), visiting the beach and helping people live their lives to the fullest via vacation.

After 34 years, our story brings us all together.  We look forward to hearing your story….